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CMYK jigsaw graphic Latex 310 printer with canvas print being printed Fancy invitations with custom guest names Pagewide 5000xl printing a map of the world ticket stubs with unique numbers and barcodes business charts printed in color stacks of color printed postcards A spiral bound user manual printed in color
Westside Instaprint can print digital color up to 54"
breadth seamless. Westside has a large
variety of media and finishing equipment.
Feel free to sound out your ideas with us.
Digital Colour printing is affordable, fast,
highly durable and fade-resistant.
Westside Instaprint produces jobs quickly,
affordably and in short or long runs.
For short runs that are less than 1000 impressions,
digital color printing is not only economical, but fast.
This is because the press does not require any set up time.
Most of the jobs are done in only a day, to just a few short hours.
Connect to people with colour.
The power of Colour impacts both emotionally
and psychologically to stimulate visual interest.
Colours can set a mood, attract attention,
or make a statement.
Digital printing has very consistent quality.
The first printed piece is as good as the last printed piece,
unlike traditional printing processes.
Today, the quality of digital technology is so advanced
that it is difficult to differentiate between offset
full color printing, and digital color printing.
One of the most exciting features of digital color printing
is its ability to produce color images with photo-realistic
vivid colors. The quality and definition are second to none
with its ability to produce images at 1,200 x 1,200
dots per inch. Digital color printing produces superior
resolution and definition when compared to previous
generation technologies like phototypesetting
and thermal transfer.
Digital colour printing gets the most out of your marketing
budget. Colour Printing emphasizes your brand identity,
protects your brand integrity and simplifies
marketing and product awareness.
Affordable highly variable Data Printing.
Personalize each piece with specific data,
a different number, a specific name or image.
Allows you to uniquely identify each individual piece, ticket
or form with a number, barcode, coupon code, etc..
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